Never slip, get a grip
About our liquid chalk

Our quest to formulate a liquid chalk, perfect for a multitude of sports, began in 2018 marking the establishment of Quick Grip. Since then, our prototypes have been tried and tested by professional athletes from a variety of different sports. Their feedback was critical in determining the product we have today. Now confident with our brand, we are proud to be bringing our own business idea from conception through to launch and sales.

Premium Grade Ingredients
Approved Formula

Quick Grip is dedicated to providing its customers with premium grade products. In our liquid chalk, for example, we use ingredients such as (Light) Magnesium Carbonate in the formula. Scientific studies demonstrate that this grade of magnesium carbonate provides significantly more gripping power and endurance in comparison to regular chalk. To further enhance our product, we have used an alcohol-based solution in our formula. This aims to sanitise and reduce bacteria on your skin and/or surface that it is applied to.

  • Gyms
  • Golf Shops
  • Sports Shops
  • CrossFit Centres
  • Gymnastic Clubs
  • Pole Fitness Clubs
  • Powerlifting Gyms
  • Racket Sport Clubs
  • Supplement Stores
  • Online Retail Stores
  • Martial Arts Schools
  • Sporting Expeditions
  • Rock Climbing Venues
  • 10 Pin Bowling Centres
  • Sports Events / Competitions

We are based in the Midlands, United Kingdom where we have our offices and dispatch warehouse. Our aim is to create related products in the near future and to welcome you into our journey and community. Emails and direct messages on all social platforms are always open and we welcome you into our journey.

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