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Our quest to formulate premium chalk products, perfect for a multitude of sports, began in 2018 marking the establishment of QUICKGRIP. Since then, our products have been vigorously tried and tested by professional athletes from a variety of different sports. This has ensured we meet the expectations of pro's giving us full confidence in our brand. We are excited to continue developing new products and keep striving for excellence as a company.


We were the first company to formulate an antibacterial liquid chalk back in 2018 when we were still making developments in the lab and test factory. After launching in February 2020 we managed to establish ourselves in over 50+ sporting facilities across the UK and Europe by the summer of 2020. This has subsequently allowed us to expand our range of products to where we are today stocked with 3 major distributors and 150+ sporting facilities across Europe. 


  • Gyms
  • Golf Shops
  • Sports Shops
  • CrossFit Centres
  • Gymnastic Clubs
  • Pole Fitness Clubs
  • Powerlifting Gyms
  • Racket Sport Clubs
  • Parkour Gyms
  • Supplement Stores
  • Online Retail Stores
  • Martial Arts Schools
  • Sporting Expeditions
  • Rock Climbing Venues
  • 10 Pin Bowling Centres
  • Sports Events / Competitions